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Farrah introduces "thinking out loud @ HOK"

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As the recently appointed Marketing Principal for HOK’s London Studio, I am very excited to share the launch of our very own thought leadership series, “Thinking Out Loud @ HOK”.


Learning is in everyone’s DNA and Thinking Out Loud @ HOK provides a platform, whereby our voice can be heard on topics that we are passionate about. With the support of our global network and partners (that’s you!), we hope to generate dialog and debate on industry trends including design, architecture, planning and development. As an industry, we are in the privileged position of influencing the built environment. I believe that by learning from each other, we can all work towards the greater good. Altruism is a laudable trait and one that we can all aspire too. Why not join us on our mission to discover and create more imaginative solutions, which positively impact on how we can help to shape places and spaces that affect everyone’s daily lives.


Since embarking on our talks, the first of which took place on Valentine’s Day, (naturally), we have heard thoughts from our very own David Weatherhead, Design Principle for London’s HOK London Studio on Re-imagining Space for London; our first guest speaker, Justine Fox on Colour Me Happy | Shaping Architecture for Urban Being; HOK’s Stefan Jakobek, on Design Transcending Culture and our fourth talk to date, presented by Yorgo Lykouria on Guardians of the Built Environment | The Clarity of Design.



If you would like to be a guest speaker, we would love to hear from you.

Farrah Hassan-Hardwick 
Marketing Principal, HOK